Gregory & Amanda – ‘Kangaroo Buff’ – Bellerive at Sun Rise

Weddings can happen any time and any day of the week.  It is becoming more popular now to have week day weddings.  I have been privileged to have married couples on every day of the week and nothing has been more exciting to have been standing at 6:30am on a Thursday morning in the dark at ‘Kangaroo Bluff’ at Bellerive watching the sun rise and officiating the marriage of Gregory and Amanda.

As the sun started to rise from beyond the mountain ranges in the distance, it was a breathtaking display of radiant colours, its brilliant rays reflecting on the water beginning to warm the air, the sky turning blue, birds were chirping and nature responded wonderfully, as a thrilling feeling of awe swept over us.

Greg was born in Hobart, he met English born Amanda whilst working in the United Kingdom and they only recently moved for work from the UK to Western Australia.  Greg wanted to share a little of Tassie with his bride and as his parents lived in Bellerive, it was the perfect location to showcase his home town with the beauty of Mt Wellington, Hobart City and the Derwent River as their backdrop as they said ‘I Do’.

Gregory and Amanda (England) - Kangaroo Bluff-100